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Hartford Teens Celebrate a Rewarding Summer Employment Experience

Over 500 Hartford youth, between the ages of 14-18, celebrated the accomplishment of gainful summer employment coordinated through Workforce Development at Our Piece of the Pie®,Inc.(OPP®). The celebration was held on Friday, August 15th, 2014 at 20-28 Sargeant Street, Hartford, CT, 06105.

In the past, OPP has celebrated with youth in public parks, but this year the organization hosted a Block Party on Hartford’s Sargeant Street between Garden and Huntington Street. This year, the Block Party was for not only for the program participants, but also for neighborhood and local community members,to partake in as well. The Block Party featured many local food and craft vendors, as well as a Talent Showcase. In addition to the vendors and showcase, organizations like The Mobile CPR Project and Charter Oak Health Center’s Mobile Unit educated the youth and other attendees on important life skills.  

Over 500 youth worked this summer at various job sites, gaining important life and job proficiencies, including the development of a resume. There were over 400 youth working for area businesses and organizations including TJ Maxx, Shop Rite, and CVS, among many others.

“Summer Youth Employment placements truly are invaluable when it comes to giving the youth the opportunity to acquire significant work and life skills,” says Bob Rath, OPP President & CEO at OPP. “Not only that, but also it engages young people in a learning experience that is fun. We hope it has had an educating effect on them, teaching them about teamwork and the importance of coming to work every day.”

The Summer Youth Employment Learning Program was funded by Capital Workforce Partners (CWP), the region’s workforce investment board – Developing Tomorrow’s Workforce Today.

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Our Piece of the Pie, Inc. - Thanks for Giving 2013

Nelton Tillo

Nelton was a member of OPP’s Journalism and Media Academy program last year and upon graduation enrolled in our Pathways to Manufacturing program at Asnuntuck Community College.  Nelton came into the program focused and poised to do well.  Despite helping out with child care responsibilities at home, Nelton achieved perfect attendance for his entire first semester.  His academic performance in the classroom and in the workshop combined with his attendance record and great attitude put him in position to attain an internship.  Nelton continued his great performance throughout his summer courses and quickly received a second internship through the college in his second semester at Altra Industrial Motion and has already received great reviews.  Nelton says “Joining the Pathways to Manufacturing program has been a very rewarding decision.  I am excited about my future opportunities in the field after graduating!”    

Keep up the good work Nelton!

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Expertise Exchange: Creating a System to Drive Performance

Join our CEO and several other leaders using performance measurement to enhance their services in this webinar taking place on Tues, October 22nd at 3pm.

The webinar is FREE!

I’m committed to helping students stay in school. Watch #AmGrad Day. Help end #dropout crisis:

I’m committed to helping students stay in school. Watch #AmGrad Day. Help end #dropout crisis:

Our Piece of the Pie and Competency-Based Education

Thank you to Competency Works and Ephraim Weisstein for highlighting OPP!

My Experience Working with OPP, by Nardia Gayle (OPP Youth)

During my time of working with OPP, it has opened up my mind about future jobs and changed my perspective on working. Not only did OPP allow me to have experience working in the field of Journalism, they taught me how to be prepared for work, what questions to ask, how to dress and also how to have a great attitude especially when on interviews.

I was never the type to actually go out and look for a job because I would say to myself, “No one will hire you” or “You’re not good enough for the position” but Our Piece of the Pie raised my confidence within myself and my work progress to show me that I have the will and mindset to do whatever I want, when I want. There shouldn’t be anything stopping me from achieving my dream job and they surely gave me a wonderful, mind-blowing experience this summer that actually made me want to work with them again for a while. Not many students like myself have the connections to get a job and I am surely grateful that OPP has worked with us to make us comfortable with the working field. Now, many of the students I know have wonderful jobs that actually wanted to hire them after the internship. That is the support we need for a brighter future and making the youth of today better than they were last year.

I worked with Northend Agents over the summer and I must say, it was actually different than I thought. Working there, made me realize that being a journalist is actually what I want to do with my life and it has so many advantages to go with it. We got to go out of the office to interview people that we have never met. For example, two of my former co-workers went out to interview the Chief of the Hartford Police this year and they absolutely loved it because they were so nice and they invited them to come back! Can you believe that?


I went out on a date as a lesson plan for me as a young lady to higher my standards and stop with the social networking and go out to have some fun for once. So I decided to go on my “perfect date” with my best friend.  It was really perfect and that made me realize that I have standards, I have grounds, I am a young adult who can do better than what others are used to doing. I actually want to go out more to get to know my peers and I wouldn’t have been able to do that without OPP. Without further ado, OPP has really changed my life as a person and showed me I have opportunities out there just waiting for me and calling my name. I cannot wait to work with them again!

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Over 600 Hartford youth, between the ages of 14-24, celebrated their accomplishment of gainful summer employment coordinated through Workforce Development Services at OPP. This celebration, including awards ceremony, was held on Friday, August 23 at The Good Shepherd Church in Hartford. OPP’s Summer Youth Employment program is made available by Capital Workforce Partners and in part by: The Walmart 2013 Summer Youth Employment Initiative, the Center for Youth and Communities at Brandeis University’s Heller School. Capital Workforce Partners (CWP), the region’s workforce investment board – Developing Tomorrow’s Workforce Today.